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Where should you start to get your Strategic Planning right?

Thursday 14 April 2011

This is a surprisingly common question and one that hinges on the process you use when bringing your strategic plan together. For the majority of organisations with work with, or who come through our public workshops, the most common starting point is 'last year's plan' or 'the last strat plan we did'. And that can be as good a stepping point as any, provided that you've got a track record of covering off on all aspects of the strategic plan. But (and it is a big one) if your organisation is missing some key components of a strategic planning process, there's a fair chance you are going to run into trouble that could have been avoided. So here's a few tips in the form of questions to consider -

First up, do you know where you are headed as a business, company or organisation?  If you do not, how can you make any productivity based decisions?  How would you know you were on track, or even off track?  What have you learned along the way of your most recent strategic planning efforts, especially in line of how well the organisation achieved what it said it wanted to achieve?  One more for now - have you identified the core capabilities you need within your business to address the challenges ahead?  If not your map of the future will be dotted with 'there be dragons' stamps!

The process we teach at TASPI works beautifully well.  Developed by Strategic Futurist Marcus Barber as a way of connected the desired future to the pragmatic decision points for today, it shows that most orgainsations do NOT need to start all over again.  They just need to plug in one or two key steps that are most commonly missed.  For those of you who are time poor, the great part of this process is that it can reduce the Strategic Planning process down significantly with a number of our clients having reduced their strategic planning down from many months to just a couple of weeks and others from weeks down to a few days.  Answering the questions posed will in their own right, likely provide you with a much more effective focus for generating a strategic plan that works for you, rather than weighing you down under a ream of paper.

Best of luck for your times ahead

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