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Getting Your Future Right

The image above is from the front and back covers of my new book, Getting Your Future Right. The first run has just about gone and I'll be making a few minor changes to the next edition. I'm really greatful for all of the wonderful feedback and additional suggestions from here, or over at Looking Up Feeling Good. I've taken the Strategic Planning model I designed for our TASPI workshops and show how it can be a great Life Plan mapping tool. Sales have come from all over the world shipping to the US, Thailand, Germany, Sweden and more

Sponsorship Workshop Dates expected soon

The program is complete and we're just waiting for co-facilitator Richard Smith of Mellar Marketing to finish with one of his main Government clients.  As soon as we are ready, we'll set the dates for this program designed to help Not for Profits and Corporate sectors entities understand how to work better with each other using the sponsorship and supporter model

How do I get my Personal Future Right?

This question is one we are asked consistently and the latest events item listed over on the right hand side of this page tells a bit more about how strategic futurist Marcus Barber is adapting his highly effective Organisational Evolution Model for use as a 'personal future' tool.  We'll advise when the process is ready to be rolled out

2015 One Day Public Workshop Programs 

The consulting workload for expert facilitators for public programs mens a delayed schedule for dates in Adelaide; Brisbane; Melbourne; and Sydney.  We hope to free up time later in the year

We have developed a 'Sponsorship and Funding' program specifically to assist not for profit entities develop their ability to attract and retain corporate support, and to help Corporate entities understand how to best leverage the good will factor by assisting community groups.  This program will be co-facilitated by Richard Smith of Mellar Marketing whose background in Government, Event, and Sponsorship fields is exceptional.  We are very pleased to have Richard develop a program for us.  Contact us with your inquiries

The Australian Strategic Planning Institute (TASPI) exists to improve the Strategic Planning process of organisations of all types and sizes.

Our approach to the Strategic Planning process differs from many of the common methods and as a result, we help businesses like yours to create substantially improved Strategic Plans.

The Key words listed above, 'Inform'; 'Consider'; 'Decide'; and 'Implement' help form the framework for our methodology and training for it ensures that your organisation includes an awareness of the future changes emerging, allows it to consider what those changes might mean given your existing skill sets and focus, ensures you decide what exactly, you intend to do; and then ensures you are accountable to carrying out your intentions.

Our stated Vision is "Contributing to organisational improvement through effective strategy and planning" and we aim to provide excellence in debate and implementation in the Strategic Planning field encompassing stages from Future Potentials, through to execution and on to impacts, results and accountability.  The Australian Strategic Planning Institute was established to provide advanced insight and techniques in Strategic Planning.  

Foundational Beliefs:

  • Strategic Planning is a process that presupposes a desired future outcome;
  • Strategic Planning is a process that assumes actions will be undertaken;
  • Strategic Planning is a process that connects the present to the future, whilst learning from the past;
  • Strategic Planning is a process that offers clear direction, method and purpose to an organisation whilst remaining flexible and responsive.

Tackling Core Strategic Planning Challenges:

Most Strategic Planning efforts will fail to deliver value due to at least one of the following 3 reasons -

Poor Inputs were used to construct the Strategic plan

·         The thinking and factors that were included in creating the strategic plan did not encompass information that was readily available to the organisation.  The result was a Strategic Plan that encapsulated limited thinking, awareness and understanding of potential choices

The Strategic Plan was not executed

·         Despite a quality Strategic Plan being constructed, the organisation failed to execute its stated intentions

The Strategic Plan was poorly executed

·         Despite clearly stated intentions, the quality of execution did not match that which enabled the organisation to achieve its aims

Utilising our Skills will provide you with significant benefits

• Improved understanding of the knowledge and practical skills essential to strategic planning

Acquisition of the skills needed to take a pro-active stance towards strategic planning issues

• Techniques for embedding strategic planning into Board and staff activities

  An opportunity to build and develop networks with those responsible for developing or facilitating strategic planning within their organisation, and to compare experiences and approaches to issues.

How Well Placed is Your Organisation?

Consider the following key questions:

Do we consistently refer to our strategic plan to ensure we are 'on track'?       Yes    No

Do we assess the results of our efforts before creating the next plan?      Yes    No

Do we use our planning process as an opportunity for improvement?         Yes    No

Do we ensure we have the required capability before assigning a task?    Yes    No

Does our board refer to the Strategic Plan at each of its board meetings?          Yes    No 

Are we fully aware of and adaptive to emerging changes in our industry?     Yes   No

Depending on how you answered these questions, you might find that you have an opportunity to substantially improve both the process and content generated within your Strategic Planning initiatives.  Too many 'no' answers would certainly suggest the potential to develop your strategic planning skills.  If you need to Find a Futurist, contact Marcus Barber via this link

Contact us today to find out more 

Standing out from the pack can be as simple as doing the things you said you were going to do! 

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