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Preparing for Strategic Issues

Monday 11 April 2011

A challenge for many organisations is being prepared for the key strategic issues they face. I define a 'Strategic Issue' as anything that requires you to commit organisational resources in order to deal with the issue. Many organisations are great at preparing for those expected events - this is a typical budgetary approach where set expenditures are anticipated and funds allocated.

But how do you prepare for the unexpected events?  Too few organisations allow themselves the structural flexibility required to deal with the surprise event.  In almost all cases, those organisations will lack any formal or even informal approach to environmental scanning and the end result is an inability to spot emerging issues, opportunities and challenges.  Because of this missing capability, enabling a strategic or operational plan to be flexible is lacking.

And that spells trouble.  The key then is to ensure you generate a formal and informal model for capturing emerging signs of potential change.  Only then will your strategic plans have the kind of flexibility needed to deal with the unexpected

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