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Sometimes in Strategic Planning, You Have to Swing Hard

Tuesday 16 January 2018

You find yourself back in the Strategic Planning Cycle Phase; You sense many issues are ones you tried to tackle last year; Not as much progress has been made as you thought. So what to do? It's time to swing for a home run

Most organisations are just two  steps away from greatness but one step away from disaster. They sense it but are unsure what to do. Those who've used the ten step Advanced Strategic Planning model understand the gaps and know how to make the leap. And there are times when even that may not be enough, so the question emerges - 'what can we do about it?'

If you've got a good handle on how your organisation is progressing, but not content with the results then I'd suggest that your goals are not ambitious enough to focus everyone's attention. Simply put, you need a More Compelling VISION

By way of example I'm going to use a business called 'Earth'. Earth is going okay but it has problems.There are signs that not all is well with the World.

The Vision is clear - a Healthy Planet (S-V). The Strategic Issues are identified (S-SI) - too much waste, poor use of resources, some areas creaking and so on.  The Capabilities to address the SI seem to be available (O-C - Have and Could Develop). We've been tracking On Track & Off Track progress (Ex-M) but we are light on the Accountability (Ex-A). We've Learned from the past (Ev-L) and have done some Thinking (Ev-T) about how to evolve to a better state. What is missing is the Strategic Actions (O-SA) and The Plan (O-P) that can jump start progress. Which brings us back to the Vision. When I suggest we need a More Compelling Vision

And sometimes that means make your Vision SMALLER and More Concrete

What do to for 'Earth' then?

My smaller and more concrete Vision is to tackle the problem of oceans becoming dead zones through a lack of oxygen. Simply put, we need to place a whole series of 'Bubblers' similar to large pond or lake spray fountains that can transfer oxygenated water to both a few meters below the surface and in form of surface sprays. These should be free standing and ideally powered by renewables. The anticipated result is heathier oceans which mean better ocean life and therein, a Healthy Planet

So sometimes a more compelling Vison is smaller, more contained and more focused. Think about that for your own Organisation

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