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Four Phases toward execution of Strategy

Thursday 29 January 2015

Inside our workshop I discuss the challenge that businesses face when considering how to execute 'strategy'. A common trap is the habit of believing that the same type of thinking that generates the ideas, is also what is required to execute them. But in fact there's four core stages that require their own approach to thinking in order for you to be successful. Miss any one of them and the chances of you executing well are pretty slim

Each stage is just as important as all the others but without all of them, none of them are very helpful. As my TASPI model proves time and time again you need to have thinking matched to:

Strategic Phase - this is where idea generation and identification of the major chalenges takes place

Operational Phase - this is where your asessment of available resources and capabilities and allocation of those resources occurs

Execution Phase - this is getting the job done, monitoring progress, being accountable. Too often organisations think that the execution is done by the Operational arm - it's NOT

Evolution Phase - ties your new learning and assessment into evolving your organisation to be better at what it does

Each phase is different, requiring different skill sets and understanding. Miss the Strategic and you'll be busy going no where. Miss the Operational and big ideas are lost or not moved toward action. Miss the Execution phase and tasks can drag on forever or action takes place which moves you further AWAY from your desired destination because no one is paying attention. Miss the Evolution stage and you'll end up being irrelevant because the world will have moved on and you'll still be making buggy whips.

So the answer is simple - you need to ensure all four phases of thinking are available to you. Need to know more? Contact me via email

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