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One Day Strategic Planning Workshop in Melbourne on 7th of August booked out

Thursday 24 July 2008

Once again we've been fully booked for our one day Advanced Strategic Planning workshop. We apologise if we can't fit you in for this session and please contact us for other options we might be able to offer or suggest

The Melbourne workshop on the 7th of August is fully booked and as you know we try to keep the numbers to around 30 people (occasionally allowing a few more if there are a number of organisations sending multiple participants).  We are often asked why we limit the numbers - the key reason is to ensure that during each of the plenary sessions, we can answer specific questions for each organisation in the room.  This allows us to customise our content to your actual needs, as well as expanding on aspects of the morning sessions as required to fill in a few more details.

We do understand that missing out can be frustrating and we always do our best to accommodate everyone as best as possible.  It is critical that our sessions stick to a high quality format and as such 'packing people in to the rafters' is just not a qualitative option.  Please call us on 03 9445 0289 to see if we can suggest other ideas or ways to help you get what you want.  If you prefer, you can always email us here 

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PLanning for a Middle Path
Monday 24 December 2018
Sometimes there is need for deliberate and perhaps provocative action. That action can be a shift toward more human centric ideals or away from it. It might be more momentum of a current trajectory or a significant pull back from it. And sometimes there is aneed for a way that can ease it's way through both demands
Societal Strategic Planning
Wednesday 18 July 2018
Sometimes we need ways to assess 'where we are at' as part of our strategy development and planning process. In fact, we may need a good reality check to our thinking to help us remove our blinkers and expose some of our blind spots. Looking outside to other sources of information can be extremely valuable here and this clip is a wonderful example of how an alternative reality can be presented.
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McKinsey's interview with Richard Thaler on 'debiasing the corporation' is a really good one. I've spent the best part of two decades trying to help organisations unpack their biases through the use of foresight. I recommend this article to you