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James Freemantle joins The Australian Strategic Planning Institute

Tuesday 15 July 2008

We are delighted to announce that James Freemantle - he of the talented Television presenter variety, has joined TASPI as the key facilitator for our Communication, Media and Presentation Skills training programs. James will be running a half day training session on: 'Presentations that Make a Difference' coming up on the 21st of August in Melbourne

Limited to just 25 people, the program will cover key aspects of effective presentations - 'Understanding your own presentation style'; 'Using your body to greatest advantage'; 'Getting your audience to take action' and more

James has an impressive TV and Media track record that includes working on Channel 10 ('Bread') Channel 9 ('Talk to the Animals', 'Postcards'), Channel 7 ('Coxy's Big Break' and '5.30 with Jennifer Keyte'), along with international stints as News Anchor on Russia Today - the 24 Hour international news program in Moscow.  He has numerous acting and film credits and produced the 'Stand & Deliver' video training progam that has been distributed in four languages and is sold around the world.  You can find out more about James at his website

For a workshop brochure please contact us here - places are strictly first come, first served

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