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The Hand Off - How to enable better Decision Making in Your Organisation

Wednesday 24 September 2014

One of the most frustrating aspects of large organisations is the inability to transit from a decision to an action in a way that reflects both the needs of the business and it's capabilities. Too often there is an assumption from a Leadership Team that presupposes their decisions are in fact, executable. The reality is often very different

Those of you who've worked with TASPI know where this is headed - the Organisational Evolution Model that Marcus Barber has mapped, shows that there is an entrenched barrier to effective outcomes of decisions made by the Leadership Team.

That Barrier is the 'Capabiities Step' Simply put, too many organisations jump from 'we have a great idea' to 'let's take action' without asssessing whether

  1. that idea will get the organisation closer to where it really wants to be (overarching goal or vision), and
  2. whether the organisation has the capabilties needed, to pursue the decision fully.

The process that enables an effective hand-off from the strategy level to the operational level is critical and precise. Miss this step and you'll be expending resources on activities that are mere distractions. MMiss this stape and you also end up forcing the organisation towards failure not through intention or lack of positive will, but simply because the actions required lacked the necessary resouces to make it happen.

We see too many strategic plans that ignore this element of the planning process. Don't fall into the trap of being one of them

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