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Preparing for the Upswing

Tuesday 1 October 2013

The TASPI model clearly define the four different thinking phases that are required for an effective and dynamic planning and execution development. One of the stages in the STRATEGIC phase is identification of Strategic Issues - those things that an organisation must deal with in order to be able to move toward their Vision. In discussing with organisations over the past 6 months their core issues, right now it appears that one Strategic Issue just isn't on the radar of Board or Executives - preparing for the Upswing

In an operational thinking, dealing with current issues is key - how do we garner, deploy and develop resources needed to effectively deal with the main challenges we face? Organisations that edge into 'struggle' mode (often couched in the terms of 'efficiency') can forget that such a state need not be permanent. Executives MUST be able to lift their eyes and their thinking out of the now and see beyond any struggles, to focus on more positive outcomes.

To that end 'preparing for an upswing' should be on your agenda in your planning. Thinking about and readying your organisation for an upswing can often create the momentum needed to push past the barriers that stand in the way. To not do so will forever keep your organisation in struggle mode

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