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Great session of Strategic Planning in New Zealand

Monday 2 April 2012

We recently held a Strategic Planning session just out of Christchurch in Lansdowne in New Zealand on the 31st of March. Many of us had a chance to spend some time in Christchurch and look at the sad state of the city only a year on from the devastating earthquake. There's still much to do and both civil and strategic planning is high on the agenda of businesses across the region.

As possibly our only Public program this year we had a great Strategic Planning session on Saturday with both Australian and New Zealand businesses in attendance.  The event was co-sponsored by leading New Zealand engineering firm Structex Ltd in conjunction with Marcus Barber's strategic futures consultancy Looking Up Feeling Good.  Given the location, one of the key ideas was the subject of trends and how relying on them in your strategic planning approaches can expose you to much greater risk.  Working through the TASPI model it was emphasised how many organisations fail to assess the capabilty needs of actions they plan to take, leaving the likelihood of success sorely stretched.

We'd like to thank everyone for their input and certainly hope to be able to provide sessions in New Zealand again in the not too distant future, subject to facilitator availability.

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