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Resource allocation in times of uncertainty

Thursday 15 September 2011

A common type of question that arises in public workshops is how to make decisions in time of uncertainty. The entire strategic planning process is underpinned by making choices about what is both desired as a business, and what is possible. The best Strategic planning efforts understand the need to make choices that provide forward momentum (results) whilst staying open to potential changes and the unexpected.

What our Organisational Evolution model shows is that the degree of uncertainty for decision making increases when

a)  an organisation doesn't really know what it does

b)  an organisation has not defined where it wants to go

These two barriers to effective decision making are countered through the same solution - being more effective at expanding and considering the array of available information, so that the assumptions a business makes can be tested for validity.  In doing so, not only will the organisation gain clarity as to what it really does, it will begin to sharpen up its assessment of where it needs to go.

For those organisations grappling with the decision making challenge, here's some questions to consider:

- what actions are we undertaking right now that may have minimal relevance to the emerging future we see?

- if our main approach to getting things done became redundant overnight, what might we be able to do instead?

- how do we know we are right - upon what information are we basing our decisions?

Best of luck

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