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Futurist Marcus Barber on Jobs of the Future

Monday 4 December 2017

Right now there's lots of noise about jobs being automated. It's mostly a fair assessment even if a bit tech central. But the issue is - where will the new job functions come from?

And for that matter, what will jobs look like, what will a 'job' be and where will we find them?

This links to an article on BigThink based on McKinsey assessment, whicn of itself might seem problematic. Something to consider in your own time.

From a Strateic Planning question however, you can get expansive - should you be looking to automation of job functions with your organisation? (maybe) Will every job be automated? (unlkely) Is there risk involved if I ignore the potential for automation? (probably). Will 'everyone' be affected or impacted by automation? (NO)

Should you be paying attention? Yes, very much yes

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