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Have a Safe holiday break

Monday 14 December 2009

If you're about to wind down for the summer period, please have a safe time and enjoyable one too

For many businesses, the Strategic Planning process takes a back step to the Operational needs of winding down or maintaining a presence with fewer staff.  We all know things tend to never really 'stop' and even so, holiday periods can be an effective time for taking stock of where the business is at, and what needs might be emerging for next year.

From all involved at The Australian Strategic Planning Institute - we thank you again for a great year and feel delighted to have been provided with the opportunity to have assisted you with thinking about your strategic planning needs.  Most especially though, please have a very safe break as you recharge, refocus and reinvigorate your bodies and minds for next year.


If you need to speak to us over the summer period, please contact Marcus Barber at his website

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