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2009 The Australian Strategic Planning Institute public workshops dates released

Monday 16 February 2009

The Australian Strategic Planning Institute one day Public workshops on Advanced Strategic Planning have been finalised. Because these workshops cover issues like 'Wildcard events' and 'contingency planning' most organisations that have been through these workshops would likely be better placed for the current turbulent environment because they would have a strategic plan that has prepared them for rapid and unexpected change. This year we have included Adelaide on the calendar and we are attempting to include Hobart as well, as New Zealand later in the year - see dates below

Bookings are still limited with numbers restricted to around 35 people per session.  Both Steve Bowman and Marcus Barber will continue to act as your expert facilitators for each event scheduled for Adelaide; Brisbane; Melbourne; and Sydney.  You can pre book your place by contacting us here or call Marcus Barber direct on 613 9445 0289 for additional inquiries

Dates are - Adelaide:13th of July, 2009,  Brisbane: 8th of June, 2009;  Melbourne: 26th of May, 2009;  Sydney:22nd of June, 2009

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Societal Strategic Planning
Wednesday 18 July 2018
Sometimes we need ways to assess 'where we are at' as part of our strategy development and planning process. In fact, we may need a good reality check to our thinking to help us remove our blinkers and expose some of our blind spots. Looking outside to other sources of information can be extremely valuable here and this clip is a wonderful example of how an alternative reality can be presented.
Tackling Bias to improve decision making
Sunday 20 May 2018
McKinsey's interview with Richard Thaler on 'debiasing the corporation' is a really good one. I've spent the best part of two decades trying to help organisations unpack their biases through the use of foresight. I recommend this article to you
Futures Thinking and the Planning for National Productivity
Friday 9 March 2018
Great week co-facilitating a Strategic Foresight Workshop, and Establishing a Foresight Unit module for the @AsiaProductivityOrganisation here in Tokyo