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Allocating Resources - Avoiding the Traps

Monday 1 February 2016

Strategic Planning ought to be a systemic approach - very much an ongoing, dynamic and fluid form of organisational guidance. Too often the models still be used (and in some cases recently 'rebadged as new') are static, linear and one-shot approaches that WILL NOT HELP you. One challenge is how you allocate resources to your business units. Doing that well, starts with

a clear understanding of the means by which your organisation keeps itself informed of emerging challenges and opportunities. 

By increasing and enhancing your awareness of change, you build a platform upon which your expectations for future outcomes can be framed. And in doing so you maximise the quality of the choices you make and which areas you choose to resource and why.

Let's call this Expectations Management. Strategic Planning is very much an Expectations Management concept - considering, selecting, preparing and then implementing actions aimed at helping you get more of what you do want, and less of what you don't want. To that end, this short piece on the Looking Up Feeling Good website is recommended reading, if only to prompt this conversation inside your own organisation:

To Manage Your Expectations, First You Need to Know What They Are

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