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Strategic Planning One day Workshop - Sydney 11th December

Monday 13 October 2008

The Australian Strategic Planning Institute's next one day workshop is booked in for the 11th of December in Sydney. You can book by downloading the program

The next one day workshop for The Australian Strategic Planning Institute in Sydney is to be held at Rydges World Square (389 Pitt St) on the 11th of December.  Steven Bowman and Marcus Barber will be your co facilitators and will provide some insights into building a greater organisational strategic capacity through more effectively designed and accountable strategic planning initiatives.  This program will provide specifc 'How To...' formats that build on your existing Strategic Planning processes and aims to add a greater level of depth, whilst drawing insights from people and organisations in attendance.

You can download the program here and for questions please contact Marcus Barber on 03 9445 0289

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