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How do you Strategic Plan for Technologies with long shelf life?

Wednesday 10 April 2013

The approach ought not be vastly different from how you plan for every day operational issues save for one additional area of focus: 'What will we need to have in play to handle any redundancies?' When it comes to the Australian Opposition's Broadband Plan, the ability to think ahead is paramount. It's really not too different from considering long term infrastructure assets like a bridge across a river or a piece of expensive military hardware.

The shelf life of elements like that can stretch from twenty years to well over a hundred years. From a Strategic Planning perspective we want to ensure that our Assumptions are questioned and that our expectations are realistic. So have the Opposition questioned their own assumptions and tested their own expectations? From a pure Strategic Planning sense, and having watched the policy launch yesterday and respnses to journalist questions, I'm not sure that they've covered all bases yet.

In this interview with ABC Radio's Annie Gaffney, we chat about the Opposition's Broadband Policy and briefly about Australia's ever closer ties with Asia: Marcus Barber and Annie Gaffney

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