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TASPI is Taking a Swing for Charity

Monday 25 February 2013

The City of Greater Dandenong's South East Business Networks department is once again conducting its annual 'Take A Swing For Charity' event at the Sandhurst Golf Club. This year TASPI has donated an inhouse Strategic Planning session valued at $3900 for an auction item and we're hoping that it helps raise some funds for the Madcap on Mason project in Dandenong.

Although a very infrequent player of Golf I'm all set for this year's event.  Full details of the Take a Swing for Charity are available and congratulationsw once again to all of the Manufacturers and companis involved, especially major sponsors this year KPJ Group; Grenda; Bombardier; Norden; Future Metals & Ventura, and a big mention to Dandenong Kia who are sponsoring the Hole in One prize!

Now if only I could play golf...

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