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Feedback for 'Getting Your Future Right'

Wednesday 7 November 2012

So the low key launch has seen sales of the book 'Getting Your Future Right' slowly making their way out into the world yet the feedback coming in is quick and decisive. I'm delighted that it's having a hugely positive impact. Some of the comments include: 'I said to (**) that we have to get our plan, we've been doing okay but now we have to work out where we really want to go!' and

'This book is excellent, the best parts are understanding the Vision and reading about the author's own story and challenges'; and 'I'm getting some really helpful tips here...'

That's just a few of those that have been sent in. Remember the model used in Getting Your Future Right is based on the initial one developed for The Australian Strategic Planning Institute and has about six years of testing and fine tuning. Now that it is explained for people who want to leverage an approach for personal life plans and mapping your own journey, it brings to life, those many hopes and dreams you've wanted but weren't sure where to start.

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