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The Future of Christchurch

Wednesday 30 May 2012

I was fortunate enough to have been involved with the Cairns and Far North Queensland Environment Cooperative recently in their public program looking at the future of the region. One of the interesting sub-points emerged regarding the future of Christchurch in New Zealand. From a planning perspective in which the whole inner city will need to be rebuilt the city has taken the opportunity to ask the community 'what do you want?'

As those who have been to one of our workshops will appreciate, that is the start of identifying a future Vision, without which, justification of expending resources can never be made.  Having been to Christchurch a couple of times prior to the earthquake and once since the earthquake it's a sad sight indeed and yet even in times of stress that future based question needs to be asked.  One of the core issues that has emerged from community engagement is the desire to move away from a reliance on automotive transport - 'We want trams' seems to be a strong call.

For Christchurch having received such a significant jolt to their current view of the world can make a shift toward such changes easier to do as any inertia for change has long since evaporated.  But in places and organisations where the inertia is still present, making a move toward seemingly not needed alternatives can be a very difficult process to manage and enable.

The question for your organisation therefore is: 'Do we need our own earthquake to change the way we do things or are we planning strategically for what we want?'

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